Riots in London following police shooting

The shooting of a man in the Tottenham area of London set off a riot yesterday that seemed to come out of nowhere. The family of the dead man, Mark Duggan, was holding a small, peaceful vigil when hundreds of other protestors showed up and began looting, burning cars, and attacking police. The Guardian: As questions were asked about the level of policing, Commander Adrian Hanstock said a peaceful vigil by the family of 29-year-old Mark Duggan, who was fatally shot by officers in the area on Thursday, had been "hijacked by mindless thugs" and that the situation had "escalated out of all proportion". Twenty-six police officers suffered injuries, with eight receiving hospital treatment. Two remained in hospital on Sunday. Three members of the public also required medical attention, with two taken to hospital. Forty-two people have been arrested for offences including violent disorder, burglary and theft following the torching of buildings, two police cars and a bus, and the ransacking...(Read Full Post)