Riot at amusement park over 'no hijab' rule

Playland, a historic amusement  park in Westchester County, N.Y, just outside New York City, is known for its good clean fun. It's perfect for a family outing. Or a date.   You won't find any carnival-style freak shows at the county-owned park -- well, at least not until Tuesday afternoon. That's when a large group of Muslims from New York City and neighboring Westchester County showed up to celebrate the end of Ramadan.   Instead, they had a riot.   A number of them flew into a violent rage when told that, due to safety rules, women had to remove their flowing head scarves or hijabs before going on certain rides -- including the Catch-a-Wave ride, the Crazy Mouse roller coaster and the Dragon Coaster, according to news reports describing a violent melee involving Muslims fighting police, security personnel, and each other. It prompted a large police response -- at least 60 police cruisers from nine agencies, along with a police helicopter circling overhead,...(Read Full Post)