Pundit Dismisses Palin Because She's No Different Than Bachmann

GOP pollster Frank Luntz might want to do something better with his time than shill for the Republican establishment. It's not very sane of Frank to cry there's no room at the table for Palin and in the same breath tells ABC's Jake Tapper there's a place for other candidates. There's no space for her right now. There's a space for Chris Christie, if he decided to do it, or for Paul Ryan, but I don't see for Sarah Palin. Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin operate in the exact same space. They have similar personalities. They attract similar voters. Luntz's rationale sounds familiar. GOP strategist Alex Castellanos used the same argument on Meet the Press in May. "I don't see a place for her. I think the real Sarah Palin is Michele Bachmann, and she's in." This beltway babble defies understanding. Why aren't Christie, Ryan, Perry and Romney criticized for being the same person? Aren't they all Republicans? Luntz describes Christie as an "in your face blue collar Republican" while...(Read Full Post)