Perry's Social Security truth-tellling more than libs can bear

The age old adage of politics boils down to four words: never speak the truth.  Politicians promise the moon and the media are more than happy to frame it to their agenda.  Truth be damned!  Take the recent debt ceiling charade for instance.  While President Obama waxed so eloquently about how the compromise requires America "to live within its means," his admission was nothing short of a political farce.   Meanwhile, the left was up in (non)arms as former Labor Secretary and eat-the-rich expert Robert Reich called the deal "grossly unfair" for the middle and lower class.   Of course the deal contained no actual cuts, (the deficit still increases by $7 trillion in 10 years), but facts are a hard sell to those who believe government can overcome scarcity. Politicians lying is a tradition older than stoning adulterers.  Yet where stoning is regarded as inhumane by today's standards, misinforming the public has become a full fledged profession...(Read Full Post)