Pawlenty for Senate

The withdrawal of Tim Pawlenty from the race for the Republican nomination creates an excellent opportunity for the Republican Party:  nominate Tim Pawlenty to run in the 2012 Senate race against Amy Klobuchar.  Few conservatives had problems with Pawlenty as a politician.  The obstacle to Pawlenty winning the presidential nod was that he appeared a weak candidate against Obama and that his conservatism was not as clear as candidates like Michelle Bachmann.    This does not mean Pawlenty could not help those changes in America which he has rhetorically supported.  As a two term governor who has been out of office less than one year and whose political party in the 2010 election captured both houses of the Minnesota Legislature, Pawlenty would have a good chance of defeating one-term incumbent Amy Klobuchar.    It is almost as important for Republicans to gain a filibuster proof Senate in 2012 as it is to capture the White House.  The goal...(Read Full Post)