Pardon over Punishment

According to Islamic law, if a person is found guilty of a crime there is a sentence sanctioned by Sharia law called "qesas."  If the victim requests it, qesas provides "retribution in kind" and is the Muslim version of "eye-for-an-eye" reprisal for harm done by one person to another.    In 2004 Majid Mohavedi, suitor to the once raven-haired, vibrant Ameneh Bahrami, stalked and then threw a bucket of sulphuric acid over her head after she repeatedly spurned his marriage proposals.  Clearly an astute judge of character, Ameneh had rejected Majid's advances and regrettably, her discernment turned out to be accurate. Because of the horrific attack, today Ameneh remains terribly disfigured; she is blinded in both eyes and suffers grave injuries to both face and body.   After Ameneh's skin and clothes were reduced to smoldering ash and her eyeballs literally melted within their sockets, Majid stepped forward and confessed to the crime. Then in 2008 an Iranian...(Read Full Post)