Our Post-9/11 Strategic Failure Confirmed in Pakistan

As we rapidly approach the ten year anniversary of the mass murderous jihad terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001,  the complete lack of American geostrategic vision becomes more glaringly apparent, on all fronts, domestic and international, military and non-military. We have failed miserably to identify the enemy ideology: classical jihad, a mainstream, living Islamic institution, and the major contemporary nation-states whose axis of jihad confronts America: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iran -- soon to be joined, it appears,  by heavily militarized (and re-Islamized) Turkey, as well as heavily-militarized and Muslim Brotherhood "spiritualized,"  post-Mubarak, Egypt. Two other expressions of this complete absence of vision in the decade since 9/11 are the failure to secure our borders, or exploit with appropriate urgency our vast untapped resources of natural gas, shale oil (witness the stark contrast vis a vis massive development of tar sands by our neighbor to the north,...(Read Full Post)