Obama's Uncle and his phony documents

President Obama's Uncle Onyango Obama, currently in custody in Massachusetts on DUI and immigration charges, has much to teach Americans about how illegal immigrants have been able to get documentation and function in society.  "Uncle Omar," as the president referred to him in his bestseller, Dreams from My Father, has a valid Massachusetts drivers license, which supposedly requires a Social Security number to acquire. Kerry Picket of the Washington Times, covers the efforts of Boston Herald columnist, talk show host, and national treasure Howie Carr to get to the bottom of Uncle Omar's phony documentation. On his show, Carr said: "According to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles he has a valid driver's license and you can't get a valid driver's license, supposedly, unless you have a social security number. And I asked them (RMV), 'Well how the hell did he get a license if he never had a social security number? Maybe I'm just a little mister naive.' But they...(Read Full Post)