Obama's new Ivy League economist

President Obama announced today he is nominating a similarly minded Ivy League academician, Alan Krueger, as a member of the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA). Once confirmed, Krueger will be designated as chairman of CEA, making him the President's top economic advisor. Krueger has been an economics professor at Princeton University since 1987. He was chief economist of the Labor Department for one year during the Clinton administration and held senior-level positions at the Treasury Department earlier in the current administration. Ominously, liberals heartily approve of the President's selection. Krueger has the blessing of the immutable Paul Krugman. Today Krugman wrote:  "Alan is a fine choice as chief economic adviser. He's done excellent work, he's a really good guy, whom I know pretty well...Now the question is whether anyone in the administration listens to him...[Krueger] knows macro[economics] and is pretty salt-water and activist by inclination, as far as I...(Read Full Post)