Obama's Iowa speech lie

About a year and a half ago I reached my limit of being able to listen to or watch Barack Obama deliver a speech.  I choose instead to read the transcripts.  The ever-present obfuscations and lies, the constant demeaning of any opposing voices (per Saul Alinsky) as well as an inbred inability to accept any responsibility while delivering virtually all his speeches and press conferences in a narcissistic and haughty demeanor caused my patience quotient to be breeched. Unfortunately I cannot always avoid hearing clips from his pronouncements on the radio or television.  Such was the case today.  In a town hall meeting in Iowa last night Mr. Obama, while bemoaning how unkind the fates have been to him after doing so much to resuscitate the economy, claimed that over 2 million private sector jobs had been created since he assumed office but that the Arab Spring, a tsunami in Japan, the Republicans etc etc had all conspired to reverse all his hard work to save the...(Read Full Post)