NYT Finally Reports Eurosocialist Autocracy

It's gotten so obvious that even the New York Times has taken notice.  Europe is no longer governed by old-fashioned electoral democracies. That fact is even acknowledged by the European Union, which admits that, yes, Europe does have a "democracy deficit."  Czech President Vaclav Klaus has seriously compared the EU to the Soviet Union. The cynics now call it the EuroSoviet Union. What the EU fails to admit is that its Ruling Class routinely tells endless lies to the voters, with no fear of consequences. The Ruling Class controls most of the media, including the UK Guardian and the BBC -- the Pravda and Istvestiya of modern Britain. The resulting massive corruption, ideological rigidity, leftwing insanity, taxpayer exploitation, and sheer misgovernment is unbelievable; surrendering to Islamic radicalism is just a small part of it. When Prime Minister Gordon Brown ran for election last year, a motherly lady asked him about out-of-control immigration from Talibanistan....(Read Full Post)