Momentum seen for UN sanctions against Syria

Both the US and EU have their own set of sanctions already in place against Assad and his inner circle: Freezes on bank accounts, travel restrictions and the like. Now the UN appears ready to put its weight behind sanctions, including perhaps a total arms embargo against the regime. Bloomberg: Syrian security forces killed at least 15 anti-government protesters since yesterday as the U.S. and its European allies sought to freeze President Bashar al- Assad's assets and impose an arms embargo on the country. At least three protesters were shot dead today in the central city of Homs, while yesterday's deaths took place across the Hama governorate, Homs and the northern province of Idlib, Mahmoud Merhi, head of the Arab Organization for Human Rights, said by phone. The U.S., Britain and France yesterday circulated a draft resolution to United Nations Security Council members that would freeze the foreign assets of Assad, his brother Maher and 21 other senior government officials. The...(Read Full Post)