Michael Nutter Must Be Condemned

I wondered how long it would take for Philly's mayor to be branded an Uncle Tom. Ever since hearing Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter read the riot act to the mobs of Black youths who have run wild in his city, I've wondered how long it would take for him to be condemned by the apologists for thuggery and lawlessness, and just what kind of hook they would find on which to hang their disapproval. It didn't take all that long. In her August 9th column in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Annette John-Hall, in addition to calling his speech from a church pulpit a "30-minute rant -- I mean sermon" and saying that he "channeled his best Bill Cosby (which, "like his "black vernacular," that he "pulls out when he needs to") Ms. John-Hall zeroed in on Nutter telling the rioters "you damage your own race." There, he said it. In a way that his white constituents would hear him loud and clear. At that point, he wasn't talking to black people anymore. Credit to your race. Nutter expressed in no...(Read Full Post)