Mainstream American Muslim Jurisprudence on Dogs

In follow-up to the wrenching story related yesterday about Wiley, a cruelly brutalized Afghan mutt -- treated in accord with doctrinal and historical Islamic attitudes towards dogs -- I discovered the fatwas (reproduced below) on dogs and dog ownership, from the mainstream American Muslim font of Islamic "jurisprudence," the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA). The AMJA mission statement maintains: [The AMJA was] founded to provide guidance for Muslims living in North America. ... AMJA is a religious organization that does not exploit religion to achieve any political ends, but instead provides practical solutions within the guidelines of Islam and the nation's laws to the various challenges experienced by Muslim communities. A report in The Muslim Observer published October 21, 2010, highlighting AMJA's "seventh annual American conference of imams," confirms the organization's mainstream acceptance as by the American Muslim community. Thus AMJA and its recent...(Read Full Post)