Krugman's Out-of-This-World Suggestion (Updated)

Wow. They must have a bad paint fumes problem at a noted economist's office. Paul Krugman of the New York Times has suggested we need a war with space aliens, such as on an old Twilight Zone episode. You can see a video of that comment at Newsbusters and a transcript where Krugman said: On Sunday's "Fareed Zakaria GPS," New York Times columnist - and, ahem, Nobel laureate - Paul Krugman actually advocated space aliens attack earth thereby requiring a massive defense buildup by the United States that would stimulate the economy. Obviously, Dr. Krugman is stuck in 1960s thinking. Has he not seen the 1983 stealth alien invasion television program "V" or its 2009 remake? Or how about the 1988 television series "Alien Nation," where many humanoid aliens settle among earthlings, encounter discrimination, yet are able to join an American police force? Has Krugman considered that the space aliens might come here and apply for welfare and food stamps, claiming 1000 wives each? And single...(Read Full Post)