Just Say No to Raising the Roof

The "debt ceiling" is as phony as a 3 trillion dollar bill Just what is this mythical being we have apparently mislabeled the "debt ceiling?"  The term implies a rigid structure to stop reckless out of control spending, thereby keeping the economic second floor from collapsing down upon us.  But the economic second floor is already afire.  Despite the Washington Fog Machine running on overdrive, the United States AAA Bond rating was all but given its last rites long ago.  Hill Democrats berating the credit agencies to keep the AAA Bond rating on life support will not bring back solvency.  Our government is swallowing up every ounce of cash and credit from this generation and generations yet born.  Raising the "debt ceiling" this time is like cutting a hole in a sinking boat to let the water out. Apparently, the "debt ceiling's" only purpose is to remind law makers when it is time to borrow more money.  Raising the "debt ceiling" has occurred 74 times...(Read Full Post)