Just Another Hated Evil Republican

I am a criminologist who has been accused of being to the right of the death penalty while also being called a closet liberal by some.  What I am is a registered Republican who has often voted for Democrats.  That would seem to make me an Independent.  Florida, where I live, disallows primary voting by Independents however.  Nevertheless, my beliefs are in sync with Republican values -- belief in our Constitution, freedom, less government, and pro business. I am also a law-abiding citizen, have always worked and paid my taxes, served my country in uniform, volunteer in many community organizations along with my wife and contribute to charities, including being a multi-gallon blood donor.  Nothing special here, and I am not much different than many of my friends.  So then, why does the screaming former Presidential candidate and former head of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean hate me ("I hate all Republicans")?  And why...(Read Full Post)