Israel and Egypt seek to defuse crisis

Hamas terrorists have been firing rockets into Israel for the past two days despite the IDF's attempts to seek them out and destroy them. One such raid slipped into Egyptian territory where 5 Egyptian soldiers were killed in a confrontation. Egypt recalled its ambassador and big demonstrations are going on in Cairo protesting the Israeli action. Now both sides are going to meet and try and walk back from the escalating situation: However, there were signs that Egypt and Israel were both trying to ease the gravest crisis in their relations since longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak's overthrow in February. The spat has highlighted the dilemma faced by the generals now ruling Egypt, caught between pressure to preserve the 1979 peace treaty with Israel and popular hostility to the Jewish state, perceived as trampling on national dignity. Egypt said on Saturday it would recall its ambassador from Israel after the killings that it said breached the peace treaty. The Foreign Ministry summoned the...(Read Full Post)