Huffpo leading Dems into the swamp

Rick Perry was a lousy student. So says the Huffington Post and has posted Perry's Texas A&M transcript to back their claim. Imagine the gleeful chortling among their liberal readership as they envision this revelation to be a fearful blow to Perry's impending candidacy. It can't be easy to be a Democrat watching your Great Hope sinking in the quicksand with no idea of where to find a rope while the opposition has a Hollywood-handsome hero standing out there on solid Texas economic soil with a record that shows he just may know how to drain that swamp. I wonder if the folks at Huffpo have any clue as to what they may have started here? True, they have shown that Rick Perry was a poor student, but in doing so, they are trying to make the case that a candidate's past matters. What then, if and when Perry jumps in with his past matriculation already public record, thanks to Huffpo, can they say about Obama who has been allowed to serve four years without the same scrutiny?...(Read Full Post)