Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Happy 50th Birthday, Mr. President.  Sincerely.  A birthday is always cause for great celebration, but to think you can commemorate your fifty short years with the largest debt hike in history, and skewer the Tea Party in the process, is a feat for even the most accomplished Alinsky'ite. Of course, the best gift is the privilege of life and liberty in the most free, noble, equitable, and once prosperous nation on Earth.  Presumably, that birthright includes you, Mr. President.  If you were of this country, you might understand why its citizenry - the mafia, jihadi, extremist, chainsaw-wielding monster (et tu, Maureen Dowd?), intransigent, terrorist, Hobbits - balk at her destruction; her very unfounding. Your 49th year, Mr. President, was another grueling exhibition of your ideology - the belief that government is the engine, distributor of all things, even fairness - and a free citizenry, the obstacle.  Last night's birthday fundraiser was simply more of the...(Read Full Post)