Graph for the Day for August 7, 2011

"Representatives of Pray at the Pump... and the pastor of Rising Sun Baptist Church of Baltimore plan to picket the White House today, asking President Barack Obama to change his choice of beverage when he meets today... over a beer... The demonstrators want the White House to serve lemonade instead." The Washington Post, July 2009.  "President Obama Holds Lemonade Summit in Virginia Backyard" New York Magazine, September 2010.   "The bottom line is that we have entrusted our economy to a group of people who would not know how to operate a child's lemonade stand." Ted Nugent, June 15, 2011.  "I think that Washington would be a lot better off if the people in the president's cabinet had at least run a lemonade stand." Rep. Michele Bachmann, July 24, 2011. Where kid-run concession stands were shut down or allowed. LEGEND: Red = Town has previously shut down kid-run concession stands. Yellow = Town says kid-run concession stands are illegal unless the kids obtain at least...(Read Full Post)