From Yamhill to Clueless

The New York Times' Nick Kristof went back home to Yamhill, Oregon for a couple of weeks this summer.  He then wrote a column, Did We Drop the Ball on Unemployment?,  that underscores how utterly clueless columnists for the New York Times can be about events outside of the obsessions of what Rasmussen calls the political class.   When Americans are polled about the issue they care most about, the answer by a two-to-one margin is jobs.  The Boston Globe found that during President Obama's Twitter "town hall" last month, the issue that the public most wanted to ask about was, by far, jobs.  Yet during the previous two weeks of White House news briefings, reporters were far more likely to ask about political warfare with Republicans. (I'm an offender, too: I asked President Obama a question at the Twitter town hall, and it was a gotcha query about his negotiations with Republicans. I'm sorry that I missed the chance to push him on the issue that Americans...(Read Full Post)