Failure 101 at Chicago State University

Call it "Animal House" in the hood.  This week in the People's Republic of Chicago (PRC) political leaders and academics met to review a number of troubling issues facing Chicago State University (CSU).  The Chicago Tribune reports: ...during the 2008-09 academic year, 449 Chicago State students received state grant money even though, under university policy, an untold number of them should have been dismissed for poor academic performance. Of those students, 106 had a grade-point average of 0.0 and still received aid from the taxpayer-funded Monetary Award Program, known as MAP. The state's largest grant program for low-income students is persistently underfunded, and 151,000 qualified students were shut out of aid last year. CSU alumni and chairman of the Illinois Senate Higher Education Committee, Edward Maloney (D-Chicago) echoed the sentiments of those gathered for the hearing when he said "The fact that people were getting this money who were making no progress...(Read Full Post)