Education Reformers Face Off In Martha's Vineyard

Obama pal and fellow class warfare crusader Henry Louis Gates, Jr. of Cambridge Massachusetts fame sponsored an education forum in Martha's Vineyard on Thursday on racial and ethnic achievement gaps. He invited reform advocates like Michelle Rhee and Diane Ravitch to the discussion panel. The president was a few miles away attending a political fund raiser while on his 10 day vacation. Rhee, Obama's mouthpiece for his campaign to transform and nationalize the public school system, has been traveling at warp speed lately, from one speaking venue to another. Before spending the evening battling Ravitch in Massachusetts, Rhee attended a charter school rally with Florida governor Rick Scott in Orlando during the day. Rhee and Ravitch have opposing views as to the best approach for education reform. Rhee says take power away from the teachers' unions, remove teacher tenure, tie teacher pay to student test scores and push charter schools. She's ingratiated herself with Republican governors...(Read Full Post)