Doubting Thomas No More

The conventional wisdom on Justice Clarence Thomas is that he is an unimaginative intellectual featherweight and a clown.  The way in which his reputation was traduced in his confirmation hearings and his notorious lack of interest in participating in oral arguments are cited as evidence.  A new look at Justice Thomas's influence of the Court by Jeffrey Toobin  in the New Yorker sets this condescending notion on its head.  From Walter Russell Mead's  New Blue Nightmare: Clarence Thomas and the Amendment of Doom If Toobin's revisionist take is correct, (and I defer to his knowledge of the direction of modern constitutional thought) it means that liberal America has spent a generation mocking a Black man as an ignorant fool, even as constitutional scholars stand in growing amazement at the intellectual audacity, philosophical coherence and historical reflection embedded in his judicial work. I recommend both Mead and the much longer Toobin article Partners:...(Read Full Post)