Death of a Socialism Salesman

In Canada, the death of New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton yesterday has permeated the news. He was a strong, far-left, big government socialist.  He was the hero of the Canadian youth much like Obama once was.  His followers are as vocal and unrelenting as he was.  He never wasted an opportunity to extol social justice theories or attack conservatism. As a rare conservative Canadian youth, I haven't shared the same sentiments as most of my peers. Layton is predictably being portrayed by the media as "courageous" and "a fighter." This doesn't bother me. I believe that no matter how objectionable a human being may have been in life, they should be given respect in death. Many of my liberal friends are expressing their grief in their Facebook statuses, referring to him as a visionary and a prophet. Again, I figured that I would give the man and his followers their respect and not engage in any kind of a political row. Several of them had quoted his final...(Read Full Post)