CNN Pushes Palinization Of Tea Party Nation

To put it bluntly, the Tea Party kicked ass and took names in the 2010 elections. 

As reward for their crimes against Socialism, Marxism and Obamaism the leftwing of American politics painted a bulls-eye on the back of these patriotic citizens.

Between now and the elections of 2012, the network division of the Obama administration's public relations department, otherwise known as ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN, will take aim at that bulls-eye, resorting to every dirty trick in the propaganda playbook to try and land an arrow into the heart of the Tea Party.  And their latest meme, since Nazi and racist didn't stick, is to frame them for the economic plague caused by the Obama, Pelosi and Reid hydra.

During the past week, CNN hosts and guests poured a torrential rain of blame on the Tea Party for the nation's credit downgrade, labeling them anti-American and hostage takers.  So is it any wonder the latest CNN/ORC poll shows the Tea Party's unfavorable number is up a few points?

On the CNN Newsroom Saturday, August 9, the unbiased network's bias was on display for all to see. They took delight in pointing out the poll's unfavorable number for House Majority leader John Boehner at 40%.  They made sure to highlight Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell at 39%.

As for Democrats, CNN notified its viewers that unfavorable numbers for leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi pretty much stayed the same.  Unlike the Republicans, no numbers were given. 

Here's why:

Reid: 39%

Pelosi: 51%

The underhandedness of CNN's selective display is further revealed when you learn what else they left out.  Among Independents, the determining factor in political races, McConnell's unfavorable is at 40% while Reid is at 43%.  Boehner is at 45% disapproval while the toxic Pelosi is at 61%!

CNN hid the dismal numbers for Pelosi and Reed behind the phrase not changed much, but for the Tea Party, which also had not changed much from their last polling, they chose to highlight the unfavorable number of 51%, up just four points.  And again, conveniently, they failed to mention that number is almost the same as disapprovals for the Democratic Party.

It's all part of the administration's -- and by the Siamese twin-like connective tissue that binds them, the media's -- grand design to destroy the Tea Party via Palinization.

The responsibility for our country's economic and social troubles can be attributed to one word: politicians (of both parties.)  Once upon a time we had a fleeting glimpse at a viable candidate who was not a career politician, someone more citizen than politician, someone like you and me.

She disliked the local politics in her home town, ran for mayor, won and cleaned house.

The small town mayor then turned her attention to the crooked politics of her state, ran for governor and won.  Her policies were such a success that she earned the distinction of being the most popular governor in the country, with an approval rating over 90% (not that you will ever hear those achievements mentioned by the mainstream media.)

Once upon a time we had Sarah Palin and her unlikely rise from obscurity, poised to do for her country what she had already accomplished for her state.

Then the liberal media, in an orchestrated, coordinated Journ-O-listic effort sabotaged her.

The majority of the American people know nothing about Palin other than the caricature the media painted of her and spoon fed the public until fiction became fact, the cartoon became the person -- the perfect execution of the left's adoption of Lenin's principle "Repeat the lie enough and people will start to believe it."

That is how you accomplish getting nonsense like "I can see Russia from my house" attributed to someone who never uttered the words as opposed to a third-rate comedienne who actually did.


They are going to try and do the same to the Tea Party now.

It's not going to happen.  It's easier to tear down a solitary woman than an entire movement. 

New media grows stronger, leaving the public better informed.

And old media grows weaker.

Despite their trite slogans, CNN is not "The Most Trusted Name in News."  CNN is not "The Worldwide Leader in News" (they're not even number two, as they lag behind the loathsome MSNBC, which would shame any professional news organization with even a scintilla of pride.) 

CNN's ratings reek, not because they are liberals, and not because they fraudulently pose as unbiased, but because they are proselytizers.  They are typical liberal elites: they imagine themselves super-geniuses while vainly masking contempt for a citizenry they envision as sheep that need to be led.  But the people, in ever increasing numbers, see through them.

CNN plays at being Judas Goats, attempting to herd the public into their liberal Utopia.

But their ever-shrinking ratings show a depleted following.

How sad, to be nothing more than failed goats.

And how poetically ironic for the über-smarts to be blissfully unaware of their abated status.

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