CNN Pushes Palinization Of Tea Party Nation

To put it bluntly, the Tea Party kicked ass and took names in the 2010 elections.  As reward for their crimes against Socialism, Marxism and Obamaism the leftwing of American politics painted a bulls-eye on the back of these patriotic citizens. Between now and the elections of 2012, the network division of the Obama administration's public relations department, otherwise known as ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN, will take aim at that bulls-eye, resorting to every dirty trick in the propaganda playbook to try and land an arrow into the heart of the Tea Party.  And their latest meme, since Nazi and racist didn't stick, is to frame them for the economic plague caused by the Obama, Pelosi and Reid hydra. During the past week, CNN hosts and guests poured a torrential rain of blame on the Tea Party for the nation's credit downgrade, labeling them anti-American and hostage takers.  So is it any wonder the latest CNN/ORC poll shows the Tea Party's unfavorable number is up a few...(Read Full Post)