Climate Science and Corruption

Do personal and financial ties corrupt views on global warming? The warmists thinks so, but only when skeptical scientists are involved. Skeptic climate scientist Dr. S Fred Singer, a contributor to American Thinker, relayed the following in his weekly Science & Environmental Policy Project email (reproduced here): IPCC Censorship: Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, a Vice-Chair (Vice President) of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, objected to Fred Singer participating in a seminar on global warming / climate change that was to be held at SEII Foundation Universitaire in Brussels. A google translation of part of the letter van Ypersele sent follows: You should know that Mr. Fred Singer is a person whose scientific integrity leaves much to be desired. Its (sic) activities are financed disinformation by the lobbies of fossil fuels..... , and it is scandalous that such a person may be associated, directly or indirectly, to SEII and the University Foundation. Claes Johnson,...(Read Full Post)