Civil Rights Pioneer Preaches Hatred Toward Tea Party

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is not the only woman of color spewing uncivil invective at the Tea Party.  Around the same time Waters told an Inglewood, California audience that tax-paying citizens can "go straight to hell," 100-year old civil rights activist Amelia Boynton Robinson sat for an interview with Henry Louis Gates, Jr's online  magazine The Root. (Interestingly, The Root opened up for business in January 2008 under a subsidiary owned by the Washington Post.) Centenarian Robinson, who helped organize the Selma-to- Montgomery march in 1965, celebrated  a birthday last Thursday by sharing her thoughts on Obama and the Tea Party.  Following  in the footsteps of Louis Farrakhan, who called Mr. Obama the Messiah,  Robinson cites the President as a descendant of Ham who will "rise up" to lead a civilization. The Root: Did you ever think we would see an African-American president in this country? Amelia: ...The election of President Barack Obama was...(Read Full Post)