Church bombers sentenced to death in Iraq

Iraq achieved another milestone this week: the three masterminds of last year's bloody church siege, involving al Qaeda suicide bombers, were sentenced to death by an Iraqi court. Sixty-eight people died in one of the worst attacks ever against Iraq's Christian minority. Al Qaeda suicide bombers on Oct. 31 held worshipers hostage at a Baghdad cathedral - then detonated their explosive vests.     Coincidentally, the death sentences were issued on Tuesday, August 2, exactly six years after freelance journalist Steven Vincent, 49, was kidnapped and murdered in Basra, Iraq. Vincent was one of the most gifted American journalists in Iraq -- and unlike most Western reporters, Vincent, an art critic-turned war reporter, was not a cynic. He believed that remaking Iraq into a decent country was possible. Now, Tuesday's death sentences provides more evidence that Iraq has a functioning rule of rule  -- even when it comes to seeking justice for crimes...(Read Full Post)