China projected to face a serious demographic slump

Anti-Americans around the world and domestic doomsayers and naysayers in the US would love to see any country, even a totalitarian one, replace the US as the world's top dog. However, they're going to have to wait decades for that to happen. There's no realistic candidate for replacing the US during the next several decades, not even China. According to the latest demographic projections, China is predicted to lose 44.5 million young people (aged 15-24) during this decade. That is a 21% decline that will happen during just one decade, if demographers prove right. The Wall Street Journal says that: Rising affluence and increased opportunities in China's interior certainly have something to do with that, but so does a profound demographic shift. Largely because of the one-child policy introduced in the late 1970s, the number of children per woman fell to 1.77 in 2000 from 3.78 in 1975, according to the World Bank. Making the problem more acute, many rural parents are less willing...(Read Full Post)