Chevy's Low Voltage Troubles

"Only 125 Volts" is the first thing that caught my eye in an article I stumbled upon from the National Legal and Policy Center.  As I come from an electrical background, I would agree that 125 Volts is nothing to get too excited about, but this article wasn't teaching you how to replace a circuit breaker, instead it was discussing the total brown-out of Chevy Volt sales in the month of July.  "Only 125 Volts were sold during the month of July."   Somehow I doubt this comes as a major shock to anyone with the slightest amount of good business sense. While 125 Volts is fairly low as far as voltages go, it most certainly will get your attention if you accidently come in contact with it (please just trust me on this).  On the other hand, it's going to take much higher Volt-age sales numbers to attract investors' attention and give them confidence in GM's "business" decisions. In order for power transmission to work over great distances, power companies must...(Read Full Post)