Charles Rangel, R.I.P.

Charles Rangel, long-serving congressperson from New York City was buried this past evening. Presiding over his interment was guest host of the Bill O'Reilly show, Laura Ingraham. The proceedings were an unceremonious and unfortunate end to the career of the ethically challenged representative of Harlem and the Dominican Republic. Congressperson Rangel appeared on the broadcast to refute charges by Congressman Allen West that traditional black leaders such as Rangel had kept black Americans on the plantantion to further their own careers. Rangel, looking wanly impotent and disoriented, responded in a befuddled, confused manner indicative of those on their way out. He bizarrely kept repeating the term plantation, plantation, plantation, as if it were a mantra offering him spiritual comfort. When Ms. Ingraham kindly offered him the opportunity to expand on his thinking, the avuncular old corruptocrat simply kept repeating plantation, plantation, plantation. A psychologist may well find...(Read Full Post)