Boehner's half-a-loaf deal better than nothing

I've seen a lot of conservatives slamming the Boehner deal.  There's also some rather foolish GOP contenders coming out in opposition to score easy political points from the ignorant.So do I think it is ideal? Of course not. Do I think it is acceptable? Yes. Why? Because we're not going to do any better.  We don't have the White House.  We don't control the Senate. We only have the House, and while the constitution requires that all spending bills must originate there, it's not enough to push through a budget.  Any budget would still have to make it past the current White House and Senate roadblocks. I've heard some say "let's just not raise the debt ceiling".  Sorry, that simply is not an option as the United States must honor its obligations. So, let's look at some numbers.  Say we cherry pick the budget and just include those items which are dear to conservative's hearts and/or political suicide to touch like Social Security and Medicare.  I'm...(Read Full Post)