Bad news from the Euro zone on growth

Adding to the Euro zone's debt woes; slow growth in "core" economies of Germany, France, and the Netherlands. After sharp first quarter gains, the major economies of Europe stuttered to a near halt, raising fears that the debt problems experienced by several members will be exacerbated because of a lessened ability of lthe European Central Bank to keep them liquid. Wall Street Journal: The weakness stretched from Germany, Europe's industrial powerhouse, which slipped to near-stagnation from boom-like expansion in previous quarters, to fragile and debt-ridden countries like Portugal. With risks of stagnation on the rise, the European Central Bank will likely pause its rate-increase campaign for many months, analysts say, or risk exacerbating Europe's economic troubles. Euro-zone gross domestic product rose 0.7% at an annualized rate in the second quarter, according to data from the European Union's statistics agency Eurostat, half the rate economists expected. On a quarterly basis,...(Read Full Post)