America's Whining CEO

So how fast would it take a board of directors of any fortune 500 company, forced by angry stockholders, to dump a CEO that did nothing but whine, make excuses, and blame everyone else but himself for his poor job performance and lack of results? Based on lofty platitudes and hope and change, America hired Barack Obama as their CEO almost three years ago, on the promise that he could turn around the staggering economy.    Well, that hasn't happened, and the economy has actually gotten worse. And what does America's CEO have to say to the stockholders for his poor job performance? It's not my fault. It's the weather, it's Europe, it's the Arab Spring, it's Wall Street, it's the greedy rich, it's low revenue, it's an unbalanced approach, it's the oil companies, it's the banks, it's mortgage companies, it's credit card companies, it's ATM machines, it's unemployment benefit limits, it's all those wars, it's right to work states, it's global warming, it's the debt ceiling...(Read Full Post)