A New Role for Baby Boomers

The entitlement crisis: an opportunity for proto-Geezers of the Baby Boom finally to stop whining and make themselves useful Normally I'd be inclined to dismiss something from a former Deputy Campaign Manager to the mealy-mouthed, politically faithless, financial crisis-panicked Republican  presidential candidate of 2008, but Reed Galen has inspired a thought in It's Bootstrap  Time for Generation X.  Galen encourages his  fellow Gen X'ers ( basically,  those born in the 60's and 70's, the exact definition varies) to rise to the occasion: not  "sit around and worry about what 'the system' has done, or might do.... The days of thinking about how things were, or how things should be are gone... [But] go out and try to make the best life we can for ourselves and our families, and ask "the system" to just leave us alone." Well, if the allegedly "flannel-wearing, alienated, over-educated, underachieving slackers with body piercing, who drank Starbucks coffee...(Read Full Post)