Would Hillary Have Been Better Than Obama?

No matter the likes of Bill Maher, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee or Whoopi Goldberg still insisting that anyone who dares to criticize Obama is a racist, most Americans, even die-hard fans from 3 years ago, know his failure to lead has nothing to do with racism. I struck up a conversation with an elderly African-American gentleman at our local hospital waiting room on Friday. We were watching the news and listening to the commander-in-chief threatening Armageddon unless the debt ceiling was raised immediately. In a surreal moment, the senior citizen turned to me and said he wished he had voted for Hillary in the primaries. Then the man asked me, "Do you think the country would be better if Hillary was President?" As a former Clintonista and recovering hard-core liberal, I had one of those out-of-body experiences. I couldn't answer the man's question. Memories of my past came to me. I saw myself years ago as one of the pod people marching alongside groups like CODEPINK toward the...(Read Full Post)