Wind Farm Madness

The futility of squandering money on wind farms has been laid bare by the United Kingdom's new budget for windmill construction. Christopher Booker of the U.K. Telegraph in his column yesterday highlighted the folly that is ongoing in the United Kingdom and Europe; he writes: In the week when it was reported that 20 per cent of the EU's fast-soaring, trillion-euro [US$ 1.4 Trillion] budget may soon be spent on "fighting climate change", it was timely that Britain's energy companies should have met with the Department of Energy and Climate Change to raise one of the best-hidden secrets of our Government's obsession with wind power. Centrica and other energy companies last week told DECC that, if Britain is to spend 100 Billion Pounds [US$162 Billion] on building thousands of wind turbines, it will require the building of 17 new gas-fired power stations simply to provide back-up for all those times when the wind drops and the windmills produce even less power than usual. We will thus...(Read Full Post)