What's to like about Obama? An exercise in graciousness

According to those who consider themselves our intellectual superiors on the left, we conservatives lack civility and graciousness in our assessment of the feckless head of their party, Barack Obama. There is no such thing as constructive criticism for these barking moonbats who stuck by Anthony Weiner until even Nancy Pelosi was repulsed by the antics of Chuckie Schumer's most prominent protégé.  Democrats still consider Charlie Rangel and Barney Frank respected colleagues, and their limping majority in the Senate is led by the preposterous Joe Biden. They really don't give us much to be gracious about. In the spirit of fair play, I remain willing to challenge my assumptions and give the president another look. After a bit of contemplative study, I did find some areas where I feel I may have been remiss. Herewith I offer my compliments to B.O. for his redeeming qualities that I had previously overlooked. The guy is a good provider and takes extraordinarily good care of his...(Read Full Post)