What Obama could sacrifice to protect Social Security

When Barack Obama delivers on his threat to delay or withhold Social Security checks and veterans' benefits, we should know why they were sacrificed.  Here is a list of about $2 trillion in select expenditures which the President could likely sacrifice to protect our elderly and veterans:

Obama Beneficiary:                                                         Cost:

ObamaCare                                                                    $1.5 trillion

Planned Parenthood (annually)                                        $330 million

Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac                                                  $145 billion

Amtrak                                                                           $1.9 billion

Unspent Stimulus/ War Chest                                          $60 billion

National Endowment for the Arts                                     $133 million

National Endowment for the Humanities                           $140 million

The Post Office                                                               $1.0 billion

Vacant Federal Properties                                               $25.0 billion

Medicare Fraud                                                              $47.0 billion

National Broadband Coverage Map                                   $350.0 million

Federal Employee Flight Upgrades                                    $146.0 million

Beach Re-sanding                                                           $3.0 billion

Payments Not to Use Land (conservation)                         $2.0 billion

International Abortions/Population Control                        $650.0 million

Libya Kinetic Military Action                                             $750.0 million

Consumer Protection Bureau                                           $329.0 million

United Nations                                                               $6.4 billion

NPR/Corporation for Public Broadcasting                          $451.0 million

Renewable Energy Tax Credits (mostly wind)                    $6.9 billion

Tax Credits to IRS employees/Others                               $513.0 million

Federal Weatherization Programs                                    $5.0 billion

99 Week Unemployment Benefits                                    $100.0 billion

Total                                                                                $1.9 - 2.0 trillion.

Clearly, in tough times, choices must be made.  These are some of the choices Barack Obama and his party might favor over seniors and veterans.

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