The network that produced Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

The must read article of the day surely is "The Chosen One"by Angelo Codevilla, of The Ruling Class fame.  Professor Codevilla raises the intriguing network of connections among President Obama's family and programs sponsored by the CIA and a variety of fronts and associated groups, including the Asia Foundation, The Ford Foundation, the East-West Center, and much more. The evidence he presents is not conclusive, as he acknowledges, but it is indeed highly interesting, and explains some puzzling aspects of the Dunham/Obama families' histories.

The history of the CIA's efforts to co-opt progressive American internationalists, in order to counteract communists overseas, is fairly well known. Less well-known is the process by which the "new left" was able to hijack some of the movements (for example, Students for a Democratic Society) initially supported by this network of entities and individuals.

Here is a brief sample. This is a long and fascinating article, not to be dismissed as idle conspiracy theorizing.

 Barack Obama grew intertwined with the narrow, self-referential left side of the American Left. They helped one another believe they had come up the hard way, as underprivileged but brilliant, square-jawed tribunes of the common man. Their common problem, however, is that their agendas are antagonistic to people unlike themselves, and that they cannot keep from showing their contempt for the common folk in whose name they would ride to power. (snip)

Obama is as close as one could imagine to a made-to-order front man for contemporary, upscale, shy-about-itself, nouveau socialism. From his earliest age, he shaped his dreams about himself to act out a character wholly fictitious, namely a black American from a humble background who rose up out of brilliance and merit, and who yearns to draw all of America's low-born (plus the rest of mankind) up through the same paths. But he is none of that. Equally imaginary is his vaunted understanding of and sympathy for foreign cultures. A typical multiculturalist, Obama speaks no language other than a peculiar version of English. His native language, loves, and hates are common to some of the most leftist elements of the current American ruling class.

That class knows about America only that it must be changed, and looks at the vast majority of Americans the way carpenters look at warped pieces of lumber. Barack Obama is neither more nor less than its product and agent.

Hat tip: Rosslyn Smith

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