What does 'strategically defeating Al Qaeda' really mean?

Newly appointed United States Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has announced that the U.S. is "within reach of strategically defeating Al Qaeda". He also said that America will narrow its focus and concentrate on capturing or killing 10 to 20 Al Qaeda leaders in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen.Panetta is an Obama favorite and loyalist and a long-time Washington insider who understands how politics work. He can be counted on to put the best possible spin on events for the President as the 2012 election draws nearer. Whatever he says about anything should be viewed with a great deal of skepticism because it will probably have more to do with getting Obama re-elected than reality, spin being spin and smoke and mirrors being smoke and mirrors.So Leon, what does strategically defeating Al Qaeda really mean and how does it differ from actually defeating the terrorist monsters? If Al Qaeda isn't defeated in actuality how is strategically defeating it going to prevent it from attacking the...(Read Full Post)