The Silence of the Fawns

Here in New Mexico we've had almost 650,000 acres devastated by wildfires this year. That's more than a thousand square miles. 120,000 of those acres have burned very close, far too close to the home where my wife and I lately have been living in constant fear that we may be forced by authorities to leave before we've been able to round up and cage our seven, free-roaming cats. The thought of driving away knowing that even one of those kitties is being left behind to die a lonely, painful, frightened death in a forest conflagration is too horrible to contemplate. While natural cause in the form of severe drought is the immediate culprit and causative factor for this perilous situation, there is a human component to these disasters: overzealous ecologists. Far too many do-gooders, many of them clueless city dwellers swelled with smug satisfaction at saving the environment, have interfered with good forest management practices by filing lawsuits designed specifically to accomplish that...(Read Full Post)