The Obama Doctrine: Feckless or Logically Coherent?

Between a stagnant economy, the debt crisis, and the antics of a certain congressman, foreign policy hasn't gotten much attention. Most Americans are comfortable with the assumption that, agree or disagree with specific policies, this administration, like all previous administrations, is pursuing the national interest.   Douglas J. Feith and Seth Cropsey, writing in the July issue of Commentary, suggest that assumption no longer applies. Never in our history has there been a president who wanted to weaken America's position relative to the rest of the world: until now. The Obama Doctrine Defined by the authors is that "American leadership serving American interests abroad are not a proper guide for future conduct.... The United States should drop its obsession with its own national interests and concentrate on working for the world's general good on an equal footing with other countries, recognizing that it is multinational bodies that grant legitimacy on the world...(Read Full Post)