The New York Times' agenda is showing

This glorification of adultery, promiscuity, and other hedonistic behaviors is part of an ongoing effort of the Sulzberger family and its lackeys to undermine the core moral values of American family life. The policy undergirds the Times' regular glorification of homosexual and unconventional lifestyles and family structures. This is just a short excerpt from the anti-monogamy cover article published in today's Sunday's NY Times Magazine, written by Timesman Mark Oppenheimer. That, anyway, is what Dan Savage, America's leading sex-advice columnist, would say. Although best known for his It Gets Better project, an archive of hopeful videos aimed at troubled gay youth, Savage has for 20 years been saying monogamy is harder than we admit and articulating a sexual ethic that he thinks honors the reality, rather than the romantic ideal, of marriage. In Savage Love, his weekly column, he inveighs against the American obsession with strict fidelity. In its place he proposes a sensibility...(Read Full Post)