The Case of the Missing U.S. Ambassador (Updated)

The U.S. Ambassador was conspicuous by his absence at the recent unveiling of a Ronald Reagan statue in London. (update: The Ambassador was at the iunveiling, but skipped the banquet. Thanks to reader M. Miller for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for the error.) On July 4, the London Evening Standard reported the unveiling of a bronze, larger-than-life statue of Ronald Reagan in London's Grosvenor Square. American Ambassador Louis B. Susman wasn't there. So where was Louie? And, how do you get to be the American Ambassador to Great Britain in the first place? Simple. You bundle money for Obama's presidential campaign in 2008 in the amount of $500,000. Bundlers are a ubiquitous part of American politics. Norman Hsu was one of the more notorious bundlers. But not all bundlers run Ponzi schemes. Susman merely tapped his rich friends for donations to Obama's campaign and then, coincidentally, he ended up living in the Ambassador's residency in London. The London Evening...(Read Full Post)