The Black Code Exposed

I appreciate so many of you taking time to respond to my article, "The Black Code: Why Obama Still Owns The Black Vote". A common thread joining your comments together was love, common sense and a desire for racial unity and a frustration with the lack of racial unity. Thus, hangin' with you guys and my faith gives me the courage to speak out against this evil which divides our great country. Thank you. Summarizing one respondent's comment, "The black vote is so small why should Republicans spend money pursuing them?" I replied, "Several Republicans have shared your view for years. Blacks are a minority, so let's just surrender them to the Democrats and not spend good money pursuing them. I think we have a moral obligation to educate blacks to the virtues of Conservatism. Liberalism via the Democrats has destroyed the black family. Thus, this is not simply about votes, it is about saving and changing lives". The topic swayed to interracial adoption. Another respondent agreed with...(Read Full Post)