The Bicycle Overlords

If you sometimes scratch your head while sitting in traffic and ask yourself why transportation planners and local political leaders make such odd decisions that result in more congestion, wasted fuel, and increased pollution, you may want to check out the urban planning doctrine called Smart Growth (or, New Urbanism) that is the current fad in many communities across the country.  Chances are, your local government is fully wedded to it already. One tactic used by Smart Growthers and other high density/anti-automobile utopians is to prod local governments into putting on annual Bike vs Car contests in which the routes are selected to enable the bicyclist to win. The message: bicycling is not just a 'legitimate' commuting option but a superior one. Now if someone wants to commute by bicycle, tricycle or even unicycle, more power to them. But not more governmental power to them. The problem with these phony bike versus car contests is not that they function in a controlled...(Read Full Post)